Do you know your Customer
December 17, 2017


How to sell your products during varied forms of crisis economic oppression, suppression, political uncertainty, instability, budget crunches, corporate financial meltdown. How can business owners compete with low-cost manufacturers? How do you navigate through the ‘selling’ economic turmoil that comes in many forms? These are the questions that both large corporations, small business owners, entrepreneurs are now trying to find solutions for. The search for strategic sales approaches test every company’s sales talent and capability during crisis. Sales arena’s, client portfolios and areas of opportunity have now become war zones. Clients, both prospective and current including those pending have become more knowledgeable and source information through immediate technological access. Do you focus on employee sales up skilling or product reinvention and re –packaging. What is the prerequisite and what are the instant venomous ethical antidotes that keep you ahead of the competition. The market analysis and sakes toolkits must give you assurances that you can navigate at pace with a degree of steadiness in ever changing markets, where client and consumer behavioral trends are becoming unpredictable. scenario planning today is history by the hour of tomorrow.

The evolution of e-commerce in Sales

The cycle of commerce has seen rapid changes in the past 4 decades just as the urban life in our city centres has developed. Firstly, small families that run shops have virtually disappeared as a viable business model in favor of malls. Subsequently, we have seen the online shopping gradually becoming the buying solution i.e. electronic commerce.
If you haven’t branded your product to an extent that it is delectably captured through the microscopic eyes of online consumers, you may fail in the electronic commerce space. Competing with entrenched brands propels one into having to develop level of marketing and sales strategy that far supersedes tradition but embraces new ideology with common historical success trends.
Having a dipstick review on the history of e-commerce with an objective to understand our own and other people’s behaviour will guide us be on the right track to finding an evolving and dynamic solution.
For centuries city life was in the centre of the towns. In every village and town, the town square and its small radiating streets were the centre of all commerce with a range of specialist suppliers to service every need of that community. The big towns were little different.
In Ancient Rome, near Foro, there was Mercati Traianei, a partially covered place with hundreds of shops that we can consider as the first mall. Life was on the Forum and buying was next to it. The two places were physically connected.


Selling in a new techno sales space.

Competition on price has been easily shifted onto the web. Two advantages of the internet are the much wider variety of products can be presented and the presence of blogs and third persons who can advise. As the young un-trained sellers in the mall shops cannot give much information, the web is ‘heaven’ for people who want to know more about products.
Electronic products, cheap goods, and services are mainly bought on the internet. Platforms and Apps such as,, and have now become part of everyday life. Many travel agencies have shut down, but it is interesting to understand that others have opened. New forms of personalized travel: adventure trip organizers, personal travel assistants, every niche idea is available to satisfy the thousands of ‘unusual’ travelers.
Each of the public platforms usually are spending a lot of money on advertising. To be the first in every search by each human being on the internet (actually more than 3 billion people are connected to the web) as well as managing their SEO correctly – Search Engine Optimization – the way people find you and your products on the internet. SEO is today what a sales agent was in the past.

To Be continued in part 2………………

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